Releasing The Past

The present is based on memory. We see only through past associations. Even the future is largely imagined – a projection based on all former experiences. Call them imaginings if you will.

How can I let go of the past? Simply by noticing that 99% of what arises in mind is based in memory.

It is the impartial noticing that is the “cure”.

Awareness (noticing) is the one constant. We can notice our thinking. We can notice the content of our dreams during the sleep state. Some people can even notice that they are dreaming (lucid dreaming).

The one true choice we have is attention – or rather, where or upon what we will place our attention.

Can we notice that we are noticing? Can we attend to noticing?

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Nobody likes being bored, but what happens when we ‘unpack” boredom ?
Boredom appears as a feeling. We give the feeling a label (“Boredom”)
It’s an unwanted feeling, so we usually try to do something to get rid of it – as we do with most unwanted feelings.

Try this:

Close your eyes, and drop the label “boredom”. It might help to visualise the word framed on a wall.

Then feel the remaining feeling and sit with it as best you can. Without the label, it’s just a sensation at best.

Rinse and repeat as necessary.

Waking Up (1)

This post has more to do with waking up in the morning rather than awakening to one’s true nature, which I’ll probably cover in another post.

I was having a discussion with my wife the other day about how we feel when we wake up in the morning.

My wife is generally a very positive, happy person by nature, but she confided in me that she often wakes up feeling a bit sad.

I told her that this was quite often the case with me, too. Recently, I have also been feeling “ill” when I wake up too – better put, this should read “very sluggish”. 😉

I think we have a kind of cartoon image of how, if we were “normal” (yes, I know, what does that even mean?) we would leap out of bed and rush about joyfully with a spring in our step.

I suspect though, that most people don’t do that.

One of the reasons that many people feel unhappy when they wake up is that we link into the collective unconscious when we sleep (mind never sleeps) and subliminally “pick up” on the consensus vibe that is there. Of course, the majority of the human race are unhappy, so we become somewhat affected by the vibe.

I have nothing that can prove the above, but it is a well-know in many metaphysical and mystical traditions.

How do you generally feel when you wake up in the morning and what, if anything, do you do about it?